Gentlemanly Pursuits: Golf Attire for Men

Gentlemanly Pursuits: Golf Attire for Men

Since golf had its beginnings in cool, rainy Scotland, the original attire for the sport was suited for its climate. Tweed suits with plus fours were paired with high, exposed woolen socks, thick-soled leather shoes and in a style that was often repurposed for other outdoor pursuits such as hunting. Heavy sweaters, knitted vests and ties often completed the look.



Contrary to what you might hear, leather is actually an excellent material choice for shoes since it’s appropriate for all kinds of weather. It’s comfortable, breathable and it can even be waterproofed.



Made-to-Order Golf Shoes: Play with Style

Blake welt construction, waterproof materials and leather golf sole unit with removable softspikes™ attachments: our Golf Men Dress collection is the perfect choice for players who demand elegance and comfort on the field. From the classic Saddle style to the elegant Double Monk, all our Men’s Dress shoe styles are also available as Golf Shoes.



Level Up Your Game: Customized Golf Shoes

You will be able to customize your Men’s Dress Golf shoes using our 3D Designing tool, with billions of design combinations available. Furthermore, you can have a look at our Get Inspired Gallery at and navigate through hundreds of beautiful designs for inspirational purposes.



Get Inspired – Highlights of the Week

With more than 60 billion different materials/colors/designing/soles units combinations, our Made-to-Order 3D Shoe Designing Platform is a very powerful tool for all creative designers around the globe. Find below a few designs that caught our eye this week:

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